Robocall legislation awaits house vote


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIVT) – America is waiting for a callback from the House of Representatives.

The U.S. Senate left members a message in May when it passed a bill to crack down on robocalls. Nearly half the calls you get on your phone may look like someone you know.

“They’re made to look like they’re coming from your neighborhood, your street.”

“We’ve already helped thousands of deserving people.”

But they’re actually a robocall.

“It’s beyond being a nuisance. Frankly, it’s a safety and security issue.”

While these calls are often just an annoyance, in many cases they’re used to trick people into giving out personal information or money. That’s why Tennessee Congressman David Kustoff is sponsoring the bipartisan TRACED Act to track down and punish phone scammers.

“Give the American people the relief they need from these robocalls.”

The legislation would require phone companies to try to stop robocalls before they reach your phone. It would also increase fines for violators to $10,000 per call and give federal authorities more time to track down the lawbreaking robocallers.

“The plan is so popular that in May it passed through the Senate on vote of 97 to 1.”

“It’s an issue that crosses state lines and party lines and phones lines and is uniting all Americans.”

“We are giving the FCC more teeth. I think we will get it to the president’s desk.”

But first, the bill has to clear the House.

“This year we’re not doing such a good job of walking and chewing gum at the same time.”

Kustoff is calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi bring the legislation to the house floor and put the partisan issues on hold.

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