UPDATE (1/3/2019): Andrew Sample will be arraigned in Chemung County Court on Friday, Jan. 4 2019 for Grand Larceny, 3rd degree.


Andrew Sample, owner of what used to be “Sample This Barbecue” in Horseheads is in hot water once again. Last week Sample was in court facing charges of theft after a food supplier accused him of failing to pay for services. This week, Sample’s former employees are turning against him. 

“I thought they were very nice people until the end,” Said one former employee. 

“In the long run come to find out he’s a scammer,” Said another. 

Horseheads Town Court records show Sample owes $4,000-$5,000 in back pay to multiple employees. Judge Craig Banfield telling Sample, pay those employees in the next month or go to jail. 

“Everything went fine at the very beginning then towards the end it was can you go to the store and buy us this, can you go to the store and buy us that, and then trying to get your money back…that was the next thing,” Said a former employee.

“I didn’t get a paycheck and if I didn’t get a paycheck I wasn’t going back. There was only a few that stayed the last three weeks that they stayed open,” Said a former employee. 

Not only are employees claiming Sample didn’t pay, but also Adecco out of Corning. The employment service company says Sample owes them $99K. Their legal team is filing it’s own case. They say their disapointed it came to this. 

Employees they say they didn’t see this coming from Sample who always treated them fairly…Up until he locked the door on them. 

“He told us prior to hiring us that he would give us a two week notice if anything happened and that the employees would be paid first. Sunday night we got a text asking me if I could cover the Tuesday and Wednesday shift. I said yes, and then Monday morning comes along and I hear the business is closed,” Said one employee. 

18 News caught up with Sample after court Wednesday. He did not want to go on camera but gave this statement: “My goal is to prove the things that are true, correct the things that are not, and move forward. I believe that things have been mischaracterized. I have purposely remained silent so that the truth can come out in due time.”

Employees hoping he makes good on his promise to pay them back…

“I have a three-month-old baby and a house that I have to pay for and he bounced a check on my landlord so I’m like stuck between a rock and a hard place,” Said an employee. 

Before it’s too late.

“Right now right now it’s up to my landlord if he wants to evict us,” Said an employee. 

Sample also tells 18 News he’s working to pay those employees back by selling the restaurant’s equipment and also starting a new job that he wished to keep private.  He’s due back in Horseheads Town Court September 12th, we’ll continue to follow this story for you bringing you the latest as it becomes available.