SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) — A woman from Sayre has been sentenced to incarceration for 14 to 60 months after her December 14, 2021 arrest in which a child was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital and placed on a ventilator with a brain injury, according to the Bradford County DA’s office.

Tabitha Stevens, 26, of Sayre Pa. was sentenced to incarceration in a Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility for 14 months to 60 months, plus fines of $1,000 in restitution to be determined, according to the DA’s Office. She was sentenced for the offense of Aggravated Assault, a Second Degree Felony.

According to the original arrest report, Stevens admitted to throwing her one-year-old stepdaughter into a playpen and hitting the child in the head/face area, causing bleeding. Police say the child suffered an eardrum injury after being struck in the face/head, causing bruising and other injuries.

The original arrest report further states that Stevens admitted to being turned into Child Youth Services after the child’s biological mother reported bruises on the girl. Stevens told police the child liked to throw herself against the wall and that the child lost weight because of a diet change.