CHEMUNG COUNTY, N.Y. (WETM ) – Due to a recent cluster of positive cases originating from Lighthouse Baptist Church, local restaurants are deciding to take health more seriously.

Town Tavern in the Town of Erin is latest restaurant to completely close their doors and deep clean their establishments from top to bottom.

Although they continued take-out and delivery, owner and Partner of the Town Tavern, Melissa Knowles, said closing for a day to clean was something that she didn’t have to think twice.

With the real radical with active cases that we’ve seen our county. We were concerned that it would be [really] hard to control our environments enough to be very confident that everyone is being as safe as possible.

Melissa Knowles, Partner of the Town Tavern

Since closing Curly’s for a day, they have since reopened the restaurant for full service business.

Kristi Mertsock, owner of Curly’s Chicken, is planning on making in-depth restaurant cleaning, apart of a normal early morning shift before they open. This is a time more crucial for restaurants, said Mertsock.

Mertsock continued to say this is the perfect time to educate employees on the importance of environmental health and public safety.

We’re educating our staff because we’ve had new people coming in and out. New staff members that maybe weren’t there in the begging when this happened. So make sure we’re educating everybody on what our procedures and policies are, what the regulations are.

Kristi Mertsock, owner of Curly’s Chicken