ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WETM) – Students at Thomas A. Edison High School in Elmira Heights are getting ready for prom on Saturday. On Friday, juniors and seniors got a very realistic lesson about the dangers of drunk driving.

Firefighters, police and ambulances rushed to a parking lot next to the school for a simulated deadly crash. The staged T-bone accident involved students who wore make-up while pretending to be injured. A student also pretended to be the alleged drunk driver, as officers conducted a field sobriety test before taking her away in handcuffs. A coroner also arrived to remove a student who pretended to be deceased.

“The reason why we do these events is to get kids aware,” said School Resource Officer David Ruhmel. “The more we can keep promoting to stop drinking and driving. They can see firsthand. They get the real up-close feel. They see the Fire Department removing he hood of the vehicle, if somebody is trapped inside. They get to see somebody being taken away that is under arrest for the accident. They get to see somebody that is deceased. You know, a real impactful feeling, seeing somebody taken away to a funeral home, where they’re no longer going to be able to celebrate another birthday, have another vacation. So, if we can reach some kids out there and have them see this, we’ve done our job. Wwe continue togo out there and want to promote safe driving and safe habits.”

Elmira Heights Superintendent of Schools Michael Gill said the mock crash could not have been possible without the support of the community and first responders.

“Being in a small village like we have here, our small community, having support from our fire department, our police department, certainly our school resource officer, officer Ruhmel, who put this all together, it really shows the how much the community cares and supports activities like these that ultimately bring about what we hope is a safer community for everybody.”