CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – In honor of keeping the food on the grill and keeping the customers happy. Employees stepped up to keep the delicious Slammin Jammin BBQ doors open in Corning, N.Y.

Coming into 2022, the eatery decided not to close its doors for good after 10 plus years of business.

“Originally, we had talked about if you were going to shut down as of January 1, 2022, so that we could attend to things with our families and personal issues and stuff like that,” said Felicia Banik, Owner, of Slammin Jammin BBQ

The daughter of Slammin Jammin restaurant made an honorable
choice to leave the health industry to devote all her time to her family’s business.

“I’ve always been involved. I managed the human resources stuff while I had a full-time job. Then, I quit that job so that I could come here full time,” said Banik

Long-time customers throughout the Southern Tier weren’t happy with the possibility of the eatery leaving Corning.

“We had gotten a lot of feedback from our customers through emails messages. We came up with a solution that would avoid the store shutting down. They decided that I would take over,” said Banik

The original owners offered her a new title as they transitioned out due to her commitment to the company since she was 15.

“I realized that I do want this and, I want to do whatever I can on my part to keep the business open,” said Carissa Palmer, General Manager, Slammin Jammin BBQ

The new Slammin Jammin management vows to tap into their corning network to conduct more community service projects in the Gaffer District.