Starting to Look Like Mom? A Quick Fix

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Oct. 27, 2009 — New research confirms what may be some women’s greatestfear: You may actually turn into your mother – at least when it comes to agingin your lower eyelids. The new findings were presented at the annual meeting ofAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons in Seattle.

“We now have a way of knowing precisely where in the lower eyelids you willage and where you will age the most and we can plan the correction based on theprediction,” says study author Subhas Gupta, MD, a plastic surgeon in LomaLinda, Calif.

The researchers looked at 10 sets of similar-looking mom-daughter pairs viahigh-tech 3D computer modeling to determine which areas around the eye lost thegreatest amounts of volume over time. A clear pattern emerged: Sagging andvolume loss around the inner corners of the eye and lower eyelids in themothers mimicked the early signs of lower eyelid aging in the daughters. Themom-and-daughter pairs ranged in age from 15 to 90. By and large, volume lossin this area began when women entered their 30s and was greater than previouslyestimated.

“If you come in when you are 30, we can tell you where you will have changesand quantify what you will need and where,” he says.

“The findings were surprisingly repetitive regardless of ethnicity andactual age difference between mothers and daughters,” he says.

 “You can beat Mother Nature to the punch and not have your mother’seyes,” he says. Now the researchers plan to look at the whole face in a largernumber of mother-daughter pairs to see if the findings hold.

Richard J. Greco, MD, a plastic surgeon in Savannah, Ga., says theresearchers looked at the severe aging progression in moms and early aging indaughters, “and found that the patterns were similar in both.

“If your mom has great genes — taut skin, no jowls — you will probably agewell,” Greco says.

The flip side is also true, he says.

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