NYS FAIRGROUNDS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — This will now be the third name (and hopefully the one that will stick) for one of the New York State Fair’s concert venues. Previously known as Chevy Park, you can now call it by its new name, Suburban Park.

In the beginning, back in 2018 when the stage was brought to the fair, we all called it the Experience Stage. This was not to confuse it with Chevy Court, which was and is, still a concert venue during the fair.

But then, it was switched over to Chevy Park, and they kept that name for the last two years.

For the 2023 fair season, naming it Suburban Park was the solution to erasing any confusion between Chevy Park and Chevy Court.

This name change comes following suggestions from fairgoers. The NYS Fairgrounds representatives referred to the new name as a “rebrand.”

“Our team had been brainstorming ways to help differentiate the spaces and names of the main stages at the Fair for the last couple of years. We take feedback from fairgoers very seriously, and we wanted to be thoughtful and logical about a name change,” said Interim Fair Director Sean Hennessey. “Suburban Park rose to the top of our list when we realized that there are fun connections that tie the name to The Great New York State Fair.”

Representatives of the fair added that the name Suburban Park is not only a poke at “summer nostalgia” but that it’s a nod to Chevrolet. They have been providing the fair with the Chevrolet Music Festival.

“In 2020, the Suburban Sports Utility Vehicle – produced by Chevrolet since 1935 – became the first vehicle to hold the distinction of being in production for 85 years or more. It is the automobile industry’s longest-running nameplate, and its evolution spans twelve generations,” said the NYS Fair.

Just to remind you, here is the updated list of concerts at Chevy Court, and now, officially, Suburban Park.