ONONDAGA NATION (WSYR-TV) — Governor Kathy Hochul visited the Onondaga Longhouse Wednesday, Aug. 23, marking the first time in roughly 50 years that a sitting governor has visited the Onondaga Nation’s home territory.

Hochul met with Nation leaders, including representatives of the Council of Chiefs and Clan Mothers.

This meeting comes as the Onondaga Nation was given back more than 1000 acres of ancestral lands in the Tully Valley last year.

Hochul said she had a productive conversation with the Nation where they, “discussed the unique concerns facing the Onondaga Nation and ways in which our two governments can collaborate, including through investments in education and health care.”

Tadodaho Sid Hill, leader of the Onondaga Nation, said the Nation was honored by Hochul’s visit and looks forward to future talks.

“We hope this is the beginning of a long, fruitful dialogue towards restoring peace and justice on our lands. The Onondaga Nation hopes that this meeting will hasten the process of truth and healing between our two governments, as we work towards lasting justice, peace and respect for all who inhabit this area that is the homeland of the Onondaga Nation and its people,” Hill said.