SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Governor Kathy Hochul was in Syracuse this morning on Monday, February 6 to speak about some highlights in Central New York’s recent investments and plans for 2023.

Governor Hochul was at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown where she spoke to members of the press and residents of Central New York.

She spoke on some CNY investment highlights in the fiscal year 2024 executive budget.

You can watch the governor in the player above.

“It’s not an overstatement to say that New York is the capital of the semiconductor industry and the Syracuse community is the epicenter of that world and that is really significant,” said Governor Hochul. “As we build this new ecosystem, I want to let people know that this is a commitment, this is opportunity for us to open the door to other companies to be a part of the supply chain in Upstate New York, but now the question is, are we gonna be able to have the workers to fill the job? and the answer is yes. We’re gonna train them.”

Governor Hochul wants to send the message that this is a pro-business environment in New York and that times are changing with lots of economic development.

“We’re going to be adding an additional million dollars to a program called Syracuse Build Pathways to Apprenticeship Program, the Mayor told me this is a good program. This will be serving 115 building trade apprenticeships from I-81 to Micron construction and so much more.”

With more jobs comes more housing and Governor Hochul said that we have to as a state provide more affordable housing. Governor Hochul mentioned her New York Housing Compact which will build 800,000 homes.

“I know we can get it done with the community support, elected leaders’ support, and business support… to give people an affordable place to live because people want to be here.”

Governor Hochul spoke about crime and gun violence as well, including putting more money into initiatives to stop gun violence.

“We have to do this to make sure everybody not just feels safe but is safe… I’m putting more into the gun violence issue, $337 million to reduce gun violence. We had $1.3 million for Onondaga this year, I’m gonna double that. I’m gonna raise it up to $36 million ’cause we’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re making a lot of progress.”

Governor Hochul also mentioned she will support the Central New York Crime Analysis Center, even more, this year, which is home to the Syracuse police department, and one of the first four original centers. Hochul said she will help with whatever they need from more equipment to making sure their technology is up to speed.

Directing young people away from violence into productive activities with adult supervision is something else Governor Hochul wants to focus on this year. With that comes more mental health services for kids.

“We will continue to invest in our schools, we have the largest increase in school aid in the history of New York State and that money is $2.7 billion dollars we’re fully funding for the first time this year. What does that mean for Central New York? $1.7 billion in school aid. I know that’s an investment that’s smart …and also to make sure our schools are providing the mental health and support system that our kids so desperately need.”

Governor Hochul reminded everyone that she believes in Central New York and will be there to support, help and lift up the community and that we’re just getting started.

“There’s so much going on here, we talk about the New York dream, and we’re talking about Syracuse. What happens here can be an incubator for what we do elsewhere.”

Mayor Ben Walsh also attended the event and thanked the governor for being “our Josh Allen” or “our great quarterback for this community.”

“Thanks to your support and leadership we will be able to take our investments to the next level,” said Mayor Walsh.