MOHAWK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Herkimer County Humane Society has announced additional information and development into the case of Miracle, the dog abandoned in their facility’s parking lot on the frigid night of February 2. Miracle is around 6 years old and was subjected to excessive breeding and a lack of veterinarian care.

According to the humane society, Miracle has an ear infection, tested positive for Lyme disease, will undergo mammary surgery, and was infested with fleas. She is recovering and is currently not available for visits or adoption.

The search for the person who abandoned Miracle is ongoing. The humane society initially offered a $1,000 reward to whoever could identify the suspect, leading to arrest and conviction. Two contributors matched the amount, increasing the reward to $3,000. Anyone with information is asked to contact the humane society at (315) 866-3255 or New York State Police at (315) 866-7111.