ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Pet ownership in some states can be very expensive. In New York, it costs about $2,305 per year to own a dog, according to Pettable.

When compared to the rest of the United States, the website found that New York has the most expensive vet visits. Here’s the breakdown of costs per year for owning a dog in the state:

  • Food: $807
  • Pet insurance: $733
  • Vet office visit: $77
  • Vaccines, spay/neuter: $689

Nationally, the average dog owner pays $1,750 per year for their furry friend. Pettable found the most expensive state to own a dog is Delaware at $2,864 and the least expensive is Idaho at $1,232.

In Massachusetts, the total yearly cost of owning a dog is about $2,703. In Vermont, it’s only $1,680.

Pettable is a website used to connect people with certified mental health professionals who are qualified to prescribe Emotional Support Animal letters for housing and travel. To come up with the cost for each state, Pettable looked at:

To see the cost of dog ownership in every state, you can visit the Pettable website.