BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — “Although it’s still been 6 months, mentally it feels like I’m still there every day. So although time physically is going by faster. Mentally, it’s still 5/14,” Mark Talley said. 

Mark’s mother, Geraldine Talley, was one of the 10 people shot and killed at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue during a racist attack on May 14th. He says the last 6 months have not been easy for him. 

“Just for me personally, not speaking on all the other families. you start feeling tired, exhausted,” he said. 

Mark Talley told News 4 he understands changes have been made on Buffalo’s East side, including Tops getting remodeled, but says he wasn’t to continue to see even more change. He wants to see more jobs and resources added in the community that was directly affected by the mass shooting. 

The city of Buffalo announced today is a Remembrance Day to honor the victims in the shooting. Members of the anti-violence organizations, Back to Basics Ministries and Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S. were outside Tops to hand out food and take a moment to reflect at 2:30 p.m. 

“The community is being healed and we’re so grateful to all those contributors, all those people who have dedicated themselves toward the healing of this community, toward filling in the gap,” said Pastor James Giles. “In a very prayerful way, we honor all those families who have lost loved ones to this tragic event, even three of the victims that lived. We honor those families.”

Tops Supermarkets released a statement: 

“Six months ago today our community suffered a racist attack and our hearts continue to ache for the 10 precious lives lost and for everyone impacted by this terrible tragedy.  During our darkest hours, our community has shown remarkable resiliency and proven to the world that hate will not and cannot win.

In the weeks and months that have followed Buffalonians and our partners in healing rallied to lift up the community to help their fellow neighbors in need.  Whether it was a need for food, funding, or friendship there was no shortage of support.

While we recognize no amount of time will ever change what happened nor bring back the loved ones who were lost, we know that we are no longer alone and are only stronger as we unite as one.

Today and always, we wish you continued strength and peace.” 

Several permanent Memorials are being planned to honor the victims in the May 14th mass shooting, including one that Tops plans to build on the corner of  Jefferson Avenue and Landon Street.