N.Y. (WETM) – New York State has adopted a new recertification process for pistol permit holders with permits issued before September 2020.

New York State is now requiring that any pistol permit holder whose permit was issued before Sept. 6, 2020, must recertify their carry conceal permit every three years and their premises permit every five years.

Pistol permit holders are reminded that recertification is the responsibility of the pistol permit holder and the state no longer accepts paper forms for recertification. Because this is a state requirement, the process must be completed through the NYS Police and not a local County Clerk or Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office of Chemung County has provided additional information for permit holders to be aware of:

  1. If you tried to recertify and received a message saying your information doesn’t match anything in their system, send an email to PistolPT@troopers.ny.gov. They will send you a PDF to complete and email back to them.
  2. If you have a serial number that is incorrect, you must delete that pistol and then add it again with the correct information.
  3. If you have already come into the pistol permit office and filed an amendment removing or adding a pistol and it is not reflected on their website, then delete what shouldn’t be there and add what should be. Only do this if you filed an amendment with the office first. If you’re unsure, contact your licensing agent.
  4. In some cases, the website may not respond on your phone. If this happens, you’re encouraged to complete the recertification on your computer.

As of Sept. 13, 2023, two new additional state mandates will be put in place:

  1. There will be a $9 dealer fee on the purchase of any firearm.
  2. There will be a background check and a $2.50 fee on ammunition pruchases.

For more information, call the NYS Police at 855-529-4867 or email PistolPT@troopers.ny.gov.