RENSSELAER, N.Y. (WWTI) — New York is preparing to meet summer electricity demands.

To address concerns, the New York Independent System Operator reported on May 27 that the State’s electricity supplies are expected to be adequate this summer.

Demand on the State’s electric system peaks in the summer as air conditioning drives overall power usage higher.

According to forecasts, peak demand this summer will reach 31,765 megawatts, which is a decrease from the 2021 baseline forecast. NYISO said that the decrease in this summer’s peak load is due to the growth in distributed solar in New York.

New York has 41,049 megawatts of power resources available to meet forecast peak conditions. Resources include 37,420 megawatts of generating capacity from in-state power supply and 2,465 megawatts of net purchases and sales from neighboring regions.

Additionally, even in the event of extreme weather scenarios, NYIso confirmed that reliability would be maintained if demand increased to as much as 35,436 megawatts.

However, through its recent Comprehensive Reliability Plan, NYISO said that reliability margins will thin to concerning levels beginning in 2023.

NYISO is now working to identify risks to reliability and resilience in the coming months.