ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–In early January, New Yorkers got a glimpse at what Governor Hochul’s priorities will be for this year in her state of state address. One of those issues is pegging inflation to minimum wage.

While 76% of New York voters are in favor of increasing the wage on the rate of inflation, according to a recent Siena Poll, the New York Farm Bureau doesn’t think this would be good for farmers.

“We just went up a dollar an hour a month ago, and there’s already talk of raising it much higher. More than likely it will go to $15 by the end of this year upstate, but there is a push to get it over $20, when is enough? Let things settle. Inflation is hurting everyone including small businesses, which are also farms,” said Steve Ammerman, Director of Communications for New York Farm Bureau.

However, there are some initiatives the bureau is in favor of.

“We’re wanting to fully fund again the Nourish New York program that helps get local food into regional food banks and emergency food pantries—that’s a great program, increasing state procurement to 30% that the governor is proposing. It only makes sense the State of New York purchase New York products. If we can get more of that into institutions and governmental agencies and schools that’s a good thing.”

On Wednesday, Governor Hochul is expected to present her Fiscal Year 2024 Executive Budget, something the Farm Bureau will be watching as they look to maintain agricultural funding for initiatives such as animal health programs.