ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — State lawmakers will be passing 10 bills on Tuesday, that are aimed at helping survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

“Because this package of bills is so critically important, to move our state laws ahead with protecting victims of domestic violence,” said Senator Shelley Mayer, who is sponsoring legislation that will require extreme risk protection orders be reported and maintained in a statewide computerized registry. “When you move from Westchester to Western New York, the police department enters someone’s name in that registry, they find out whether a temporary or permanent ERPO had been issued,” she said.

And when it comes to victim compensation, Senator Julia Salazar is sponsoring a bill that will make it more available by clearly defining the term “welfare” in the law. “Currently, if a crime victim or survivor is seeking compensation, maybe they have property that was damaged or lost as a result of the crime that they experienced… it is assessed whether or not the loss that the individual experienced is necessary … for the welfare of the victim,” said Salazar.

Experts say those experiencing domestic violence also face homelessness and housing insecurity. “We know about the crunch on housing, we know about how critically important, housing is and how we declare it to be a human right,” said Senator Jamal Bailey, whose bill will prioritize domestic abuse survivors on wait lists for housing. “Prioritizing victims of domestic violence on these waiting lists is a step forward that I believe… that we’re prioritizing as a majority,” said Bailey. The bills are expected to be voted on, on Tuesday.