OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWTI) — Travel between the U.S. and Canada is getting easier in St. Lawrence County.

Customs and Border Protection recently opened a new Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center at the Ogdensburg Port of Entry. This center opened in early January 2023 specifically to accommodate NEXUS applicants.

Travelers with NEXUS cards are permitted to use dedicated lanes at specific ports of entry. This typically expedites border crossings, according to CBP.

The new Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center in Ogdensburg will specifically be a site for the interview portion of the NEXUS application process.

Ogdensburg Port Director Thomas Trimboli said some applicants have been waiting years for an interview following pandemic shutdowns.

“Application process time is a bit delayed right now due to limited interview ability,” Trimboli explained. “So opening new centers such as ours is important for the continuous growth of the Trusted Traveler Program.”

The Center was first proposed in September 2022. Trimboli said the process moved quickly and by November, training was already underway.

Although located in Northern New York, the Center is a partnership between CBP and the Canadian Border Services Agency. This allows applicants from both the U.S. and Canada to complete their interviews in Ogdensburg.

“Having the Center available to the local community is really important,” Trimboli shared. “A couple of weeks ago we had a gentleman come in and he said he had been waiting three years to get an interview because of the pandemic and centers closing. So that was really great to get him processed and he was really happy with it.”

Ogdensburg’s Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center will be open to schedule interviews on weekdays. More information can be found on the CBP website.