ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—- With January just a few months away, lawmakers are already setting their sights on what they want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

In a letter signed by 54 Democratic lawmakers, they call on Governor Hochul to include the New York HEAT Act in the state budget. It’s a bill that would speed up New York’s transition off of fossil fuels. Senate Minority Leader, Rob Ortt, is against the legislation.

“Right now if you are within 100 feet or less of hooking up to a natural gas line or infrastructure, the utility will do it,” explained Ortt. “They will hook you up without charging you for the hook up. This would do away with that.”

Ortt believes this will drive up energy costs.

However, it’s supporters say by transitioning, low and middle-income New Yorkers will save money because their energy bills would be capped at 6% of their household income.

Assemblymember Pat Fahy sponsors the bill says this is better for the environment.

“Most members really want to move to transition ourselves away. We are spending billions, literally billions in the state—let alone tens of billions federally, because of weather related disasters. The climate is changing. There is no denying that any longer.”

While the bill passed in the Senate last session, it did not pass in the Assembly.