RENSSELAER COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Capital Region’s local chapter of Quilts for Kids recognized a monumental achievement in Rensselaer County.

Beautiful things are created one stitch at a time, and the volunteers with Quilts for Kids have stitched together thousands of quilts of comfort over the past 10 years for those who need it most.

Karen Casey, president and head seamstress, says Sunday marked a special day for her.

“We hit the 10,000 mark in March. My goal was for April 3,” said Casey.

10,000 quilts requires a lot of material. In fact, it takes 30,000 yards to do so. Karen Plekan has been volunteering her time for nearly five years.

“A great way to bring comfort to the kids knowing that you’re putting together a quilt that it’s going to help them through their difficult times. You know with the surgery or whatever they’re going through, or from homeless. It’s a nice feeling,” said Plekan.

Casey says that crisis can come at any time and some folks will now be getting comfort from local law enforcement agencies as well in a new partnership.

“We wanted to acknowledge what the police department’s doing in our area. I was thinking that if they needed something in their car to come up to an accident and there was a child or anybody in there that just needs that extra little comfort that we’re going to now provide quilts for the cars too,” said Casey.

Casey confirms the first round of quilts will be handed out Monday.

Rensselaer Sheriff Deputy Bryan Carr tells NEWS10 this is a great way for deputies to provide some comfort to folks they encounter when on a call.

“[It can] let them know that somebody’s there, somebody cares for them and we’re going to be able to get through this together,” said Carr.

Ten years in the making and the Quilts for Kids in the Capital Region can rest assured the legacy will continue on for generations. Casey’s granddaughter is ready to join the sewing circle.

“It feels important and it’s good to have that to share with my grandmother,” said future quilter Olivia Deer.

If you would like to help the quilters share comfort, please click HERE for more.