SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Central New York had a busy year in 2022 with the number of new restaurants that came and restaurants that closed.

Either you lost your favorite place, or you found a new one, there was lots of change in the CNY restaurant world.

Although we lost some well-known places like Anything But Beer, Beer Belly Deli and Melo Velo we also found some new favorites like Meiers Creek Taproom, LalaLu and Buried Acorn Taproom.

Below is a list of some popular restaurants around or in Syracuse that have said their goodbyes and ones that saying hello to CNY.

CNY Restaurants that closed in 2022

Dunn’s Bakery

Located in Canastota, Dunn’s Bakery was known for its sweet treats and pastries like their half-moon cookies. The restaurant had to close after 80 years because of the owner’s health, as he was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer and the family needed to focus on his health.

Luna Loca

Located in Downtown Syracuse’s Columbus Circle, Luna Loca was a fairly new restaurant that opened in 2021 bringing some bright color in their interior design and some new flavors in their California Tex-Mex inspired food. Owners of Oh My Darling opened the restaurant in the Summer of 2021 and after just six months they announced in January 2022 that the restaurant was closing.

Scratch Bakehouse

Located in Downtown Syracuse, Scratch Bakehouse opened in 2019 and was known for their sourdough bakes and bread. Not only did they sell bread, but they had a café on the ground floor of the former Stoop restaurant in Armory Square. Due to staffing issues the restaurant had to close as the owner announced in January 2022 on his Facebook page.

Village Deli

Located in East Syracuse, the Village Deli was a staple in the community for 45 years as flocks of people came to eat subs and sandwiches for years. The owner decided to close up shop in January as he mentioned at 77 years-old, he was tired and ready to close the shop.

Acroplis Pizza

Located in the Syracuse University area, Acroplis Pizza was a staple for Syracuse University students for years and visitors of Marshall Street. Opening in 1982, Acroplis Pizza has served the Syracuse Community for years and decided in February 2022 that they wanted to close to make way for a new Popeyes.

Anything But Beer

Located on South Salina Street, Anything But Beer was quirky and fun brewery that opened in 2018 and served grain and gluten-free alcoholic drinks made primarily from fruits and vegetables. The restaurant announced it was closing this past Summer and after 4 years of a successful business, the pandemic seemed to burn out the restaurant.

Beer Belly Deli

Located on Westcott Street, Beer Belly Deli was a small but mighty restaurant that lasted many years on the Westcott strip, along with other popular restaurants like Alto Cinco and Rise N’ Shine. They served craft beers and a selection of American food including a range of burgers, sandwiches and other pub food for 10 years. This past Summer they announced their closing on Facebook and said it was due to “changes in the industry and the unknowns of the future” and deciding not to renew the 5-year license.

Kirby’s Grill & Taproom

Located in Fayetteville and Westvale, Kirby’s was once a four-location mini-chain in Central New York that is now non-existent. The Fayetteville Kirby’s closed in early October and the Westvale in November. The owner told NewsChannel 9 in September that he “blames the pandemic and retaining staff as reasons behind the closure.”

A La Mode

Located in Dewitt, A La Mode was a popular cafe for Central New Yorkers who loved their sandwiches and ice cream. After 12 years of business, the restaurant announced with “heavy hearts, puffy eyes, and empty tissue boxes” that it would be closing in September. The history of A La Mode dates to the 1970’s as it first opened as a Carvel store. The pandemic and COVID-19 effected the restaurant with staffing shortages and supply chain issues, so they decided they had to close.

Mello Vello Cafe

Located on Erie Boulevard, Mello Vello Cafe was a restaurant on the side of Mello Vello bike shop that offered brunch and lunch with signature lattes and craft beer. After 8 years of running the cafe, the owners announced on Facebook in October that the Cafe would be closing as the owners are focusing on their family and want to scale back.

Today’s Special Cafe

Located in Downtown Syracuse, Today’s Special Cafe was a popular breakfast and lunch space downtown that served the people of Syracuse for 17 years. The restaurant announced it would be closing in December on their Facebook page and said it was with a heavy heart they would be closing and thanked their staff, saying “we want to say a huge thank you to our hardworking staff who have made this work for as long as it did.”

CNY Restaurants that opened in 2022


Soon after Today’s Special closed, it was announced that Storys would be taking over The State Tower Building where the old restaurant was. Owner, Jose Morales is taking over, bringing his 16 years of work experience in the food industry to Syracuse by creating a fun menu with a fresh take on breakfast and lunch. The grand opening hasn’t happened yet, but once it does, Morales said it will be a delicious experience you will not want to miss.

Meiers Creek Taproom

The popular restaurant, Meier’s Creek Brewing in Cazenovia, has now expanded to Syracuse with Meiers Creek Taproom. The taproom opened in January of 2022 in the Iron Pier building near the Syracuse Inner Harbor and has been quite the success since. Offering a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails, Meiers Creek Taproom brings something new to the Syracuse Inner Harbor area serving not only drinks but a selection of food from Pizza to salads and sandwiches.

Honey Bee Cafe

You now have a new place to eat next time you visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo! The Honey Bee Cafe opened in May 2022 and offers a fast fresh menu for adults and kids. What once used to be a Burger King is now a healthy and cozy cafe with a coffee bar and lots of menu options.

Bullfinch Brewpub

Looking for something new next time you visit the mall? Bullfinch Brewpub is your answer. After opening in June 2022, the Bullfinch Brewpub offers “updated pub food” and special weekly events like Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday nights, Board Game Nights Tuesday nights, and Trivia Thursday nights. They also host live performances on most Fridays and Saturdays.

Tulum Mexican Restaurant

Replacing the Village Deli, Tulum Mexican Restaurant has taken over offering Tex-Mex food including birria tacos, fajitas, or chimichangas all with sides of Rice and Beans. The restaurant opening in August and is run by owned by Yeiselee Torres and her husband Juan.

Buried Acorn Taproom

After having lots of success in the Inner Harbor with the Buried Acorn brewery, a new taproom has arrived in downtown Syracuse. The Buried Acorn Taproom opened in July on 900 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse down the street from the University area. They offer a selection of craft beer and beer on tap as well as some unique appetizers and snacks made by

The Deli @ 700

This fresh and classic Deli style eatery opened in October in what was once a vacant gas station on Geddes Street and Grand Avenue in Syracuse. The Deli @ 700 serves food throughout the day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Le Melange

Looking for a fancy French inspired restaurant in Syracuse? If so, you have to experience the fine wine and dining at Le Mélange. Le Mélange is French for “a mixture” which the restaurant provides with a mixture of micro-event space, culinary experiences, a space for photographers, a seasonal pop-up shop and a creatives workshop space. They offer a variety of crafter cocktails and dishes that are so unique, it’s unlike any thing you’ve ever tried before.

Lobster Babe

A new restaurant has come to the Westcott area called Lobster Babe! Opening in November at 466 Westcott Street, Lobster Babe is a seafood restaurant created by Danielle Mercuri, who also runs the Rise N Shine diner across Dell Street. The menu includes a variety of tasty lobster rolls for those seafood lovers out there as well as a variety of lobster dishes like lobster mac and cheese and lobster tater tots.


If there aren’t already enough Italian restaurants in downtown Syracuse, another has been added to the long list, however, this one offers a more energetic and colorful take on traditional Italian food. LalaLu is another restaurant that Rise N Shine owners are bringing to Syracuse in place of the old Grimaldi’s, at 6430 Yorktown Circle just off Carrier Circle. The new Italian place offers red, green, and blue pasta flights, clothesline antipasto, and Nonna’s candy shaped filled pasta shapes with pumpkin and mascarpone.