SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A court appearance took place on December 21 for the defendant in the Schoharie limo crash, Nauman Hussain. The crash took place four years ago in October 2018 killing 20 people on Route 30 in Schoharie.

In a court appearance for Hussain on December 21, District Attorney Mallery explains she is about a third of the way done going through thousands of documents but is making good progress. A Schoharie County Court judge states the trial won’t be adjourned if the parties aren’t ready as well as revisiting whether or not to extend GPS monitoring for another 60 days for Hussain. Hussain’s attorney, Lee Kindlon argues that GPS monitoring shouldn’t be extended due to Hussain’s compliance and that he will be in court without it. The judge eventually decided Hussain can go to probation that day and have his GPS monitor removed.

Hussain’s certificate of compliance is still due on March 1 which is the date of the next control hearing one month before the trial is set to begin. In the court appearance, Hussain’s team signed a Parker agreement meaning if Hussain does not appear in court when he is supposed to, everything will proceed without him present.