NEW YORK (NEWS10) — A study that analyzes the number of burglaries during the holiday season has determined that burglaries in New York rise by 8% in the month of December. The numbers, based on crime statistics taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Data Explorer indicate that the City of Binghamton alone sees 61% more burglaries, the fourth highest among metros with at least 100 annual burglaries.

In 2021, roughly 83,000 burglaries took place during the month of December. Items that are most likely to be stolen include jewelry and precious metals, computer hardware and software, clothes, furs, and money. The study indicates that items like identity documents and drugs and money are less likely to be stolen.

Burglaries in surrounding states vary, but New Jersey has ranked the number one state most likely to see more burglaries, with an alarming increase of 59%. Massachusetts is ranked 5th with an 11% increase, while New Hampshire and Vermont see around a 45% decrease in burglaries compared to an average month.

The average owner-estimated value of the stolen property for a December burglary in New York is $2,338. Despite New Hampshire experiencing fewer burglaries, the average value of the stolen property is one of the highest, sitting at $2,766.