CAMBRIDGE, N.Y.(NEWS10) – Washington County law enforcement and school officials had a safety meeting to discuss the county wide threat to schools.

Cambridge school district is one of the closed districts. Tuesday, following threats emailed to the superintendent shortly after midnight causing concern for parents and school kids.

What would normally be a playground full of children, it was empty following an early morning alert to parents warning them of the potential threat.

“I was like oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? I was like is this serious and then I got the initial phone call that it was actually legit,” said parent Tracy Currie.

“Just hug your kids be close to your kids. Talk to about it as much as you can. fill them in don’t keep them in the dark,” said another parent, Jonathon Farrell.

Cambridge School District Superintendent, Dr. Doug Silvernell, expressed his frustrations over the disturbance.

“The main concerns are for the safety of everyone involved I mean, and I absolutely understand the angst that folks feel; we feel it here as well. As soon as you hear there’s a danger, your heart sinks,” said Silvernell. 

Silvernell says the district is looking at how they could better handle situations like swatting going forward. They plan to continue working with law enforcement to use this as a learning experience.

“I think the solution to this is a much broader level of conversation with policy makers and emergency services and educators,” said Silvernell.

Even though the threats are unfounded, school officials aren’t taking any chances. No one will be allowed in the building for the remainder of the evening, ensuring the school remains secured for when the kids return Wednesday.