SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The New York State Fair has officially opened today, and if there’s one thing you’re going to do there, it’s try a variety of a various foods offered.

If you’re wondering what sort of options there are in terms of vegan and vegetarian food, you’re in luck, with four solid choices to choose from this year.

The following vendors will have vegan or vegetarian options, with food that’s from around Central New York and even Durham, North Carolina.

See the list below to check out your options!

1. Our Vegan Corner

Our Vegan Corner is the solid choice for vegans at the State Fair looking for a cold and sweet snack. Cash Young, Owner of Our Vegan Corner, said this is their first year at the New York State Fair this summer.

“We’ve done a few of the other Fair’s for New York State, Winter Fair and International Taste we there there, and there we did food, so this will be our first time doing Italian ice, but this will also be our first time dealing with this many people. It’s been a nice experience, the Fair has been super helpful getting us in and helping us match up to code and doing everything essentially to come on it,” said Young.

The vegan restaurant opened about a year ago in December of 2022, and offers a variety of food. At the Fair this year, the restaurant is offering their vegan Italian ice.

“Our Vegan Corner was started about a year ago now, and that’s our actually vegan menu and the Italian Ice part was originated by my father and I sort of picked up the mantle a year ago and kept the dream going,” said Young.

The restaurant is located in Syracuse next to Brighton Liquors, on 446 East Brighton Avenue, across from the Syracuse University Aspen Houses. After the Fair ends, Young will open the store again where he cooks everything by hand.

Young said he’s excited to represent the restaurant at the Fair this year, which is located in the Pan-African Village.

“It’s interesting, we don’t get to give the full vegan representation like we would want to but I’m glad at least people can come and get their treat,” said Young.

If you’re looking to try vegan food, vegan desserts are a great place to start, Young says.

“So we’ll start there and then tomorrow and the rest of the time we’ll have our Gelatis as well, which is Italian ice and ice cream kind of fused together, it’s amazing. The ice cream will be vegan as well.”

If you love the sweet treats at Our Vegan Corner, you might love the other food offered at the restaurant including their famous vegan fried chicken.

“Our oyster mushroom friend chicken is to die for, that one is a killer. And then we have our vegan ribs, which vegan or not, that tends to be a converter, and then our chopped cheese which is sort of like a spicy sloppy joe with cheese,” said Young.

2. Pat’s Wraps and Rice Bowls

Pat’s Wraps and Rice Bowls from Hamburg in western New York, also offers vegetarian options. They have rice bowls, wraps and cheese quesadillas, offering a variety of veggies.

This is their second year at the fair and the are happy to serve the people of Central New York.

3. Theo Petros

Another great option is Theo Petros which is based in Baldwinsville, and is also celebrating their second year at the Fair, offering delectable Greek food.

For those who are vegetarian and vegan, the food truck offers Greek salad, falafel with ground chickpea and vegetarian wraps.

4. Tropical Delights

Lastly, there’s Tropical Delights from Durham, North Carolina, who’s also at the Fair celebrating their second year. The restaurant offers frozen fruit smoothies and vegan soft serve that’s gluten free and dairy free.

Even though Tropical Delights is from North Carolina, Fair goers love it so much that it was featured on the online food website, Delish, as the best food at the New York State Fair for their Dole Whip soft serve.