Steering fluid


The function of power steering is to help you turn your car’s steering wheel with less effort. Power steering works like this: a power steering pump forces a special fluid to the steering box to reduce the exertion required to turn the wheel. It’s important that you keep the proper level of power steering fluid in the fluid reservoir. If the fluid gets too low, the power steering pump can be damaged. Check your owner’s manual to find out what kind of power steering fluid your car requires. Some cars use regular automatic transmission fluid while others use a special type of power steering fluid. If you happen to use the wrong kind, it could damage the power steering pump. An easy way to diagnose that your power steering fluid may be low is a loud whining sound coming from the engine area, especially when you turn the steering wheel. Another sign of a problem is that your steering wheel becomes increasingly hard to turn. Some mechanics say it’s a good idea to have your power steering fluid changed at least every two years. For more information on power steering, contact a mechanic or auto parts store in your area.

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