BATH, N.Y. (WETM) — The Steuben County Public Health Department shared updated overdose data through July 2023, and the numbers are already nearing the totals from all of 2022.

“The overdose trend continues to be concerning, with July pushing Steuben to about 80 percent of the total overdoses seen in 2022,” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith. “Overdose fatalities reported through July account for 83 percent of what occurred in 2022,” she added.

In July of 2023, 39 overdoses were reported– two of those were fatal, and 16 instances of Narcan administration were reported. Of the 39 reports, eight cited opioids as a suspected drug causing the overdose. Fourteen reports did not specify a substance or were unable to be accessed for full review, and the remaining 17 reports indicated another substance may have been the cause of the overdose. Other reported substances included prescription drugs, methamphetamine, alcohol and others.

“Help is available. Call 211 for local resources,” Smith said.