BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – The Steuben County voting machines haven’t been replaced since 2008.

They only had a life expectancy of five years, so they’re still being used over a decade later. The county is now turning to ballot scanning company Clear Cast to possibly upgrade the machines.

On August 9, the Steuben County Board of Elections wanted to give people the opportunity to test new ones out and get their input. After talking to prospective voters and staff, they say new scanners give them a quick and easy way to cast their votes.

“The system that we’re currently using is not very user friendly. This system is way easier for our staff to actually design the ballots. This has a couple of different aspects of it. One is the ballot marking device, which is the ADA compliant part of the machine. It actually has a thermal paper roll inside, so we don’t have to send out separate ballots,” said Republican Commissioner Vicky Olin, alongside Democratic Commissioner Colleen Hauryski.

With the machines being a decade past their prime, I was assured that there has been no evidence of past elections being flawed in Steuben County. Sources telling 18 News because of the county’s strict bipartisanship and state required testing before and after elections.

No word on if these machines are the ones the county will use or when they will be installed.