The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office are the recipients of a $4,000 grant, courtesy of the Bethesda Foundation.

The grant money will be used to install emergency medical bags in the sheriff’s vehicles. 

The emergency bags will contain critical emergency care medical equipment such as tourniquets, blood-loss
controlling agents and specially designed bandages.

As the sheriff’s are often the first responders to emergencies in the County, the emergency bags will enable them to provide appropriate medical care until the arrival of other emergency services personnel.

“The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office is grateful to the Bethesda Foundation for their continued generosity to
the citizens of Steuben County,” said County Sheriff James Allard. “These emergency bags will have the
potential to provide lifesaving medical assistance to both citizens and deputies. The importance of these bag goes well beyond a monetary value.”

The award was accepted by the County Public Safety and Corrections Committee and County Legislature.