BATH N.Y. (WETM) — The Steuben County Health Department has been trying to increase awareness about the dangers and risks of drug use. According to the health department, data from this past August indicated a small decrease in the number of overdoses by less than ten cases.

Overdoses cause suppression of breathing and the Narcan kit they have available is usable for a variety of drugs that lead to overdose. The nasal spray in the kit is used to stimulate breathing and revise the oxygen flow.

“I think it’s just a combination of education of really kind of driving the point home and alerting the public, the community of the dangers of drug usage, what they contain and how risky it is to  use drugs as well as again the trainings that we offered in getting Narcan kits in people’s hands,” said Darlene Smith, Public Health Director of Steuben County.

Steuben County’s Opioid Overdose Committee has facilitated the purchase and distribution of Narcan wall units used in various businesses and organizations across the county to make sure that they are equipped with at least one kit in case of emergencies.