Stimulus check: Here’s who’s still waiting on their money


Man holds information about Coronavirus stimulus checks.

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRProud) — If you are still waiting on your stimulus payment, you aren’t alone. Nearly 60 million people have yet to receive their money, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

As of May 1, about 40% of payments have yet to be distributed. Those waiting include: people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), some veterans who receive pensions from the federal government and families who don’t normally file returns or owed money in recent years.

After an update to the IRS website last week, many families were able to submit their direct deposit information online.

Additionally, the IRS began mailing paper checks last week, starting with low income individuals and families.

Starting Monday, payments will be delivered to millions of Social Security recipients who don’t file tax returns. The payment will arrive in the same form benefits are normally received, whether by check, direct deposit or debit card.

Both SSI recipients and veterans who receive a pension from the federal government should receive their payment in May. Those with dependents are entitled to an extra $500 per child, but must inform the government by May 5. Otherwise, the extra money won’t come until next year.

Some individuals may be waiting for months to receive their stimulus payment, considering the government can process no more than 5 million checks a week.

If your bank account information now is different than what was provided on your 2018 federal tax return, you are encouraged to file your 2019 return as soon as possible. That way, the IRS will have your current direct deposit information. Taxpayers have until June 15 to file returns without late fees or penalties.

Low income individuals who make less than $12,200 per year, or $24,000 as a couple should provide their information to the IRS (scroll down to the blue box that says “Enter Your Information”) in order to receive payment by direct deposit or mail.

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