‘Storm Area 51’ visitors set up camp in Rachel


RACHEL, Nev. — Eric Huber and his son, Stefan, came from Orange County, California. They wanted to see for themselves.

“Just letting our inner nerd escape,” said Eric Huber.

Rachel, Nevada is a remote place in this far off Nevada outpost that draws the curious because of its proximity to Area 51, a once secret military base.

“It’s the secrecy,” Huber said. What’s on the other side of those mountains?The whole mystery. The unknown of what is the truth. What is propoganda?  Why does it exist? Is it real?”

Thursday afternoon, they setup camp in Rachel for Alienstock, the byproduct of what started as Storm Area 51. The supposed place to “see ‘dem aliens”.

Their own storming was more of a gentle drive to the highly secure Air Force base’s gate.

“Just to experience something different,” Huber said.

Back at camp, others gathered as well. All on their own unique journey and with unique attire.

“He’s like, I’ll buy the tickets right now and he did,” said Mike Williams, another camper.

He came here from California with his children who were all sleeping in their tent. This is also a family journey for the truth of what’s out there and for fun.

“And the theme is hilarious. Right? It could be anything-stock and it’s Alienstock!” Williams said.

Organizers scrambled to get Alienstock ready for however many people show up. Rachel isn’t used to this kind of attention, or this many people.

“I’m sure there’ll be a lot of, did you see that? Huber said.

But if nightfall allowed visitors to stare at the stars and see the unexpected in the sky, perhaps even they know the real aliens here, the real visitors from an unknown land are themselves.

“I hope there are some crazies,” Huber said. “Some crazies that we can watch.”

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