Students Walkout of Classes at Cornell University to Protest Hate Speech Surrounding the Election


Nearly 1,000 individuals rallied today at Cornell University as part of the ‘People’s Walkout.’ The event was orchestrated by students of the university, in order to protest hate speech surrounding the presidential election.

While many are dissatisfied with the election’s outcome, there was more to this rally then simply criticizing the President-Elect.

“But, this is not only an anti-Trump rally, this is something bigger,” Student Organizer, Karla Peña said. “A lot of our students are walking in fear. A lot of our students are crying. A lot of students are scared and they don’t know what to do and this is a protest that is just trying to bring our whole community together in solidarity to figure out what do we do next.”

Students dressed in black and marched from Bailey Hall, through campus, and into the Arts Quad. Along the way, protestors were chanting ‘not my president’ and ‘love trumps hate’ to combat racism, sexism and other forms of violence surrounding Donald Trump’s future presidency. According to Peña, other schools across the country are joining Cornell in their protesting efforts.

“How do we build this community?” Peña said. “So, we are trying to do that across the nation with other universities who are also doing a ‘people’s walkout.’ So, there are several universities including U.C. Davis joined us as well.”

Even Cornell professors joined the students rally. some, attempting to reach out to those beyond Cornell that feel powerless.

“This is a message to them too,” Professor, Sergio Garcia said. “They are not alone. There’s still people that are going to be fighting those fights even though they feel they are powerless. There’s people out here doing that for them.”

Aside from protestors blocking traffic and disrupting classes, the rally remained peaceful throughout campus.

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