PENN YAN, NY (WETM)- Family and friends are encouraged to come out and experience rail biking for themselves. The Finger Lakes Rail Riders lets you get a workout in while also learning the history of Penn Yan and the rail system.

“We showcase the pristine farm lands here and the scenery,” says tour guide Dave Cleveland, “We talk a lot about Yates County transportation in this area, the history of this area, why it grew the way it did and what makes it an overall fun experience.”

Cleveland has been working there since the start of it, which believe it or not, it’s only in its second season. The owner of the Finger Lakes Rail Riders started forming this about 3 years ago when she saw a similar idea somewhere else.

“This has been very successful,” says Cleveland, “We do four rides a day- 8, 10, 1 and 3. This time of year it’s pretty full and it’s wise to reserve a spot because we’re going 7 days a week.”

This is the only rail bike company in the country that provides a history narration. The ride itself is about 5 miles round trip and people have come from all over to experience this. Cleveland says that meeting people is his favorite part about doing this, “…they’re strangers when they get there and we’re friends when we get back.”

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