ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Elizabeth Grant has been an educator for 17 years and teaches multiple math courses at Notre Dame high school.

Grant has been teaching at Notre Dame for ten years, she is known for always making time to help her students not only academically but emotionally.

” I try to provide such an open atmosphere and welcoming classroom climate that a student would feel comfortable to tell anything, whether it’s concerns about work or school or home or a friend problem, and I’m delighted that student feels like I am creating that comfortable classroom atmosphere where there’s honesty and openness,” said Grant.

Grant is always there for someone to talk to if they are down or just looking for a friend. The support doesn’t stop there, she has a way of making everyone at Notre Dame feel welcomed by participating in school activities and helps plans them.

” From learning about them in the classroom as a student to them, getting to know them when they’re in a different atmosphere like at a football game or something like that. then you’re really getting to know the whole student, I honestly have the best students to work with. they make it easy. I love coming in every day. I love my job,” Grant continued.