ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Throughout the years, Geoffrey Pierce has left an everlasting mark with his love for history and his students.

Pierce has been teaching for thirty-two years. This is his last year, as he will be retiring in June of 2023, leaving a huge void in the teaching community.

“I like Mr. Pierce. He’s an amazing teacher because he’s that teacher. If you’re having a bad day, you can go straight to him, and he’ll listen and give you great advice. He doesn’t ever judge anyone. he teaches very well. In class, I learn something new every day.”

Maria Tic, Senior, Thomas Edison HIgh School

Pierce’s big heart brings light into the classroom as he taught multiple grade levels.

“I think if you listen, talk, and have dialogue some of that can stick with you longer than assignments that you do to get it done and to make sure you get the grade”, said Pierce.

Before Pierce leaves he shares his appreciation for his students and parents.

“The reason I’ve been happy is this district. It has good kids from good parents. They’re supportive of the school when the school’s in the right and of their child. I’ve loved working for Elmira Heights,” Pierce continued.