ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Mother’s day at the Hill Top Inn is an indoor-outdoor experience that serves as the perfect Mother’s day gift. Families from all over Twin Tiers celebrated moms with brunch and dinner.

“Today is the day we celebrate mom and all the wonderful mothers in the world. We are so fortunate that we have a great crew here willing to come in on these holidays and do our best to help the family celebrate these special occasions,” said Michael Sullivan, Owner, of Hill Top Inn.

In preparing for this holiday and attempting to create the perfect experience, a lot of thought went into this event.

“We had a little bit of nervousness. There are certainly a few people wearing masks and, we welcome that here. We’re seeing people are ready to get out. We’ve had a lot of people,” said Sullivan.

One local mom who resides in Elmira spent her special day giving and receiving love with her mother, sister, and daughter. This Mother’s Day occasion was an inspirational experience for her.

“Being the best mom that I can be and having the best example,” said Marie Lombert, mother.

Moms have a special place in the hearts of many and to be able to honor your mom big or small is worth cherishing.

“Even the small moments, just cherish them because those are the ones that we remember in the end,” said Lombert.

Sullivan also noted that you only get one mom and to say thank you for everything they do is key.

“How do you define mom? I don’t think you can. There’s so much love and so much that we cherish and relish for all the memories that mom’s helped give us and make for us.” said Sullivan.

Lombert’s daughter mentioned that being able to attend today’s mother’s day brunch and dinner created a fun and affectionate affair.

“I feel happy and I enjoy it And I feel loved,” said Serenity Gordon, Daughter of Marie Lombert.

Mother’s Day comes around once a year and like a birthday it’s a holiday that should always be embraced for your mom’s sake.