(WETM) – The New York State Conceal Carry Improvement Act is getting opposition from municipal government. Schuyler County is now joining Steuben County and a host of other counties across the state in opposition of the stringent requirements imposed by the new law.

Attorney Steven Getman states “The ink was not even dry in the supreme court decision.” and goes on to say that the laws are so subjective that law-abiding citizens partaking in menial tasks and common events or ceremonies might become felons.

“There are concerns that, as the law is written, civil war reenactors are now committing felonies. Military funerals are now felonies. Events at sportsman’s clubs that serve alcohol are now felonies.”

According to a press release from Schuyler County. “The resolution states that the new rules create “unfunded mandates,” and “potential threats to due process rights.”  It also singles out the new rules requiring citizens to divulge their social media accounts as a potential violation of the First Amendment. ”

When asked in June if there were any public places where carrying firearms will still be allowed, Hochul said “Probably some streets.”

Sheriff Kevin Rumsey and County Attorney Steven Getman prepared the resolution that was approved Tuesday, October 5th.

A complete copy of Schuyler County’s resolution can be found here.

In addition to the final vote expected to take place on Tuesday October 11th, U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby ruled that several provisions of the state’s new gun law, six in total, are unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. A restraining order is in effect until an October 20th motion briefing can take place in his court.