ERIN, N.Y. (WETM) – The town of Erin celebrates its Bicentennial and its 10th anniversary of the Erin wood Festival.

“Every year in the first weekend, we host this event,” said Steve Shutts, Communications Director, Erin Wood Festival.

After 2 years, the Erin wood festival is regaining its momentum bringing the community together.

“Our community comes together one time a year. This is the time for us all to get together and celebrate what we’ve got here as a community,” said Dawn Schmidt, Supervisor, Town of Erin.

This year the festival featured 40 vendors. Those vendors play an intricate role in fundraising for their park project.

“The parks committee is trying to generate revenue to build a park,” said Shutts.

Today’s main event showcased some of the best wood carvings in Erin that were auctioned off right after.

“It’s an interesting process to see someone using something like a chainsaw. I think people would equate to being a dangerous piece of equipment and creating art with it,” said Schutts.

To show their appreciation, the Erin Wood Festival staff and the town of Erin officials provided lunch for community members.

“The town of Erin and JDS Tavern decided to provide free lunches, pulled pork sandwiches,” said Schutts.

Neighbors say they’re elated to have in-person interaction with their peers this year.

“Well, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve been out and about with everybody here. It’s great to have the community participating in activities that are happening here,” said Jennifer Bates, a Resident, of The Town Of Erin.

The town of Erin residents used this historic weekend to showcase their town pride and the art of wood carving.