Tick checks are vital in the summer


ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Time is ticking, and before you know it the summer will be in session. Experts say protecting yourself from a tick bite should be a priority as the spring season comes to a close. Ticks are most active during the summer and if bitten you could risk being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

It’s better to be safe, not sorry when preparing to protect yourself from the tick species or the illness. The best way to prevent ticks is to create awareness as you partake in summer activities.

“We have signs all over Tanglewood. You know in our bathrooms and whatever just to check when you after you’ve spent time outdoors to just check yourself for ticks, there’s places that they like to be it’s sort of like the warm dark places so like behind your ears and under your arms and in between your legs and the backs of your knees and in your belly button. Just give yourself a thorough check,” says Tanglewood Nature Center’s Elaine Spacher

A thorough tick check can go a long way for both people and their pets. Pets are at just as much of a risk of being bitten and catching Lyme Disease, as their owners.

Also, having a lent roller handy as you and your pet enter and exit your homes can be crucial and save you from a tick attaching themselves to you for long periods of time if you do come in contact with a tick.

Watch the full interview with Spacher below:

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