ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Replacing tires has become difficult for people as prices continue to increase. Popular brands like Firestone, Falken, and Hankook have increased by 10% adding an additional thirty dollars or more to the previous price customers would pay. 

“Pricing is up. There isn’t a company that’s down on pricing but it’s also due to the inventory being down because of that,” said Jody, Manager of Buckley’s Tire and Brake in Horesheads.

Towards the end of the year is when the demand for tires is higher causing an increase in pricing. Buckley’s share with 18 News that the best time to purchase tires would be any time before the winter season arrives.

“Right now, it’s the season they’re buying. Especially, when you go into snow tire season but the good thing is the local businesses are trying to protect their customers – like ours. We’re trying to buy from the big guys on a smaller scale because there’s a lot of price gouging going on but on a local level I don’t see it,” Buckley’s added.