Today’s News: Our Take – Mega Buzz: A Bones Houseguest, a Once Reunion and a Hawaii Five-0 Prequel

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I’m dying for Bones to come back. Give me some scoop! — Will
The newly single Sweets is moving in with Booth and Brennan! Although the arrangement begins because Booth pities Sweets, who’s been sleeping in his office, Seeley soon becomes less than enamored with his houseguest. Why? Let’s just say it involves a Jacuzzi and some unfortunate timing. Also: Ever wondered what kind of superhero skivvies Booth wears? Wonder no more!

What’s this about Snow and Charming finding a way to communicate between worlds on Once Upon a Time? — Emily
It’s true. The star-crossed lovers will find a way, but like everything in these worlds, it comes with a price. “They find a direct line of communication that requires a great risk,” Ginnifer Goodwin says. “There’s something very tragic about the fact that the risk that’s taken is potentially a great sacrifice that is made in order to get Emma and Snow White home. There’s something really beautiful about the selflessness that is necessary to communicate.”

I’m looking forward to Danny’s flashback episode on Hawaii Five-0. Are any other characters getting flashbacks? — Terri
As a matter of fact, yes! Executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us that there will be a McGarrett flashback late in the season that is actually a direct prequel to the pilot. “The flashbacks take place hours before the pilot began in Korea,” Lenkov says. “You’ll get to see McGarrett in training as a Navy SEAL. The idea is that McGarrett had actually gone into North Korea with another Navy SEAL, a man who saved his life and was killed there.” So will we see familiar faces as well? “We’re hoping to bring back one of the Hesse brothers,” Lenkov says. “We’ll see what actually happened with Hesse in Korea.”

I can’t believe Fringe is almost over. Got any scoop to cheer me up? — Jeanie
As the final season inches closer to the end, a familiar face we haven’t seen in quite a while will pop up — and Walter will not be too happy about it. Hit the comments with your guesses as to who’s returning!

Florrick for Governor! What can you say about Peter’s new opponent on The Good Wife? — Janet
As the producers have teased, this individual is definitely someone viewers already know. He or she will be strong in an area where Peter is weak — so much so that the new candidate offers to make Peter the lieutenant governor if he drops out of the race now. Although the most recent affair allegations may be a good reason to quit, don’t expect Peter go down without a fight. (Plus: Alicia’s pretty fired up about it too.)

This season of The Walking Dead has been so bloody! Will things ever let up? — David
Not even close. In fact, this week’s episode will shock you as not one, but two people are on the chopping block by episode’s end — both making gallant sacrifices for the greater good. Hint: Have some tissues handy, if you can find them.

How long is Mac’s aphasia story line going to last on CSI: NY? — Brenda
Executive producer Pam Veasey says it will take some time, mostly because, as we saw in the most recent episode, Mac is going to be slow to accept other people’s help. “He’s not going to share [his struggle] and what you learn later is that he really needs to share it,” Veasey says. “As we move through the season, he does meet challenges. There are some conflicts with people in the office. Ultimately he does get better, but it’s a challenge and a struggle for him. It’s about: ‘When do you let others help you as opposed to you being the hero helping others?'”

Is Elena going to kill anyone on The Vampire Diaries anytime soon? — Gene
NATALIE: She’s certainly getting closer. When Damon takes her to a Halloween party at a fraternity house on this week’s episode, she enjoys herself a little too much. It’s not until one of her besties shoots her a look that she realizes just how far she’s taken things. The upside? The blood dripping from her mouth kind of looks like it’s part of her costume.

Last week’s Last Resort was intense! Give me some more spoilers! — Steve
As one might expect, shooting the Secretary of Defense isn’t going to be good for Admiral Shepard. “His actions make it harder for Kylie to interact with him,” executive producer Shawn Ryan says. “I mean, he’s dragged away by Marines, and he just shot the Secretary of Defense. It will certainly have consequences.” As for Capt. Chaplin & Co., they may not need the admiral as an ally to sustain their new civilization. Remember those minerals Sophie was testing for? “If they do exist, do they represent a means of surviving for Marcus and the crew?” Ryan teases. “How does it change the way the outside world views them?”

An obvious Arrow question here: How does no one realize that Oliver is Arrow?! — John
Stephen Amell feels your frustrations, but don’t worry: It won’t be long before that very question is addressed! “It’s like, ‘Hey, he’s shown up to Starling City right at the same time that the vigilante has. How long do they expect us to suspend disbelief?’ I think that we do a good job of presenting questions and that’s an obvious one and it’s not going to take us too long to figure that out,” he says. 

What’s going to happen on Homeland now that Brody is a double agent? — Mark
Brody seems to be keeping his word to help the CIA… for now. He’ll give Carrie & Co. some valuable intel about the shop where his suicide vest was made. The real question: Will paranoid Carrie believe Brody, even when he’s telling the truth? Then again, by the end of the next episode, she’ll have a very good reason to be suspicious.

Any Char/Coop scoop on Private Practice? —Heather
Private Practice is doing one last crossover before the end… sort of. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes because that’s exactly what Charlotte and Cooper will be doing in the upcoming Charlotte-centric episode, in which the duo will shake their groove thing in numbers choreographed by Debbie Allen (aka Jackson Avery’s mom)! (We did say sort of!)

Natalie’s Mega Rave: The return of 3XK on Castle was masterfully done. Even I began to suspect that the ruggedly handsome scribe could be guilty of murder before we learned 3XK had masterminded the whole thing. I’m with Rick: 3XK is definitely not dead — and that makes me both angry and excited.

Adam’s Mini Rant: NBC is shelving Revolution until March? Don’t networks usually try to keep hit shows on the air?

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(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope) 

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