CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Earlier today, a small group of engineering students at SUNY Corning Community College (CCC) took guests for a ride in their newest project – the Baron Buggy.

The Baron Buggy, a 40 horsepower off-road machine, was designed and assembled by eight students from CCC’s 3D Parametric Computer Aided Design class. Each student worked on at least one different component of the vehicle. Some components had to be ordered online while others were already modeled beforehand.

“The actual design was about a month and a half and the rest of it has been manufacturing,” said Joe Parshall, second year mechanical technology student. “It is generally a 4-year engineering thing, and at an engineering school it’s generally like a year-long process, but we were able to do it in one semester.”

The finished design took about three months. This short amount of time is a rarity for most major projects at a community college, especially over the course of just one semester.

Guests were welcomed to drive the vehicle after it was presented at CCC’s Commons Building. The Baron Buggy was tested multiple times by the students to make sure it was a safe ride for everyone.

“I would really like to see this stuff get applied more in community colleges,” Joe added. “It’s a great way to learn real-world stuff.”

The students and the staff at CCC agree that this project will be a great inspiration not only for future Corning students, but for students at other community colleges as well. More information on how to apply for CCC’s academic programs can be found here.