ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Dozens of people came to the Acme Club on Benjamin Street in Elmira Saturday to pick up a home-cooked meal and support the club.

The club, located at 716 Benjamin St., tries to hold a Black History Month meal every year to give the community some of the club member’s favorite foods.

Dinner plates were $15 and consisted of a number of items like pork neck bones, ham, fried chicken, black-eyed peas with rice, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and much more, along with desserts like peach cobbler and apple pie.

The money raised is said to go towards the Acme Club and the events the club takes part in throughout the year.

“It(money) goes to support the club, it goes to support activities we do outside of the club,” said Ernestine Kyles, President of the Acme Club.

The Acme Club is part of the Masonic Order and takes part in helping members of the community through events or scholarships all year long.

When it comes to the dinner, Kyles feels wonderful that they were able to keep the price of the meal down so people were able to afford the meal.

“That’s why the members donate because if we had to buy what we serve, we wouldn’t make a profit,” Kyles said, “So, that’s why members chip in, provide the food, and we want it to be a joyous occasion for members and the community to reflect on their childhood,” she said.