ELMIRA, N. Y. (WETM) – Americans are saying goodbye to their jobs and hello to new opportunities as millions across the country quit their professions at record rates.

“If you ask most people, they’d like to find a place that would make them more fulfilled, happier and more money,” Economist Martin Cantor said.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in the last half of 2021, over 28-million people voluntarily left the workforce. Hospitality, transportation and healthcare were among the hardest-hit professions.

Like other area employers, Arnot Health has not been immune from the ramifications of the “great resignation.”  This has included challenges related to the impact of the pandemic, the New York State vaccine mandate, and wage pressures. During this time, we have worked diligently to ensure we have competitive wages, benefits, and an organizational culture where employees are able to thrive and achieve their career goals. As a result of these efforts, we have been able to trend in a positive direction, with the number of new hires outpacing resignations in recent months.”

Diego L Chiarandini
Vice President, Human Resources
Arnot Health

COVID-19, along with numerous other factors, is contributing to the mass exit among workers in professions across the country, according to economists.

“I also think that bad management and bad leadership [as well as] toxic culture play a major role in it as well,” Consultant and Elmira College Adjust Professor Matthew Burr said.

Cantor also said low pay, long work hours and long commutes are also playing a part in the exit, citing that some Americans now prefer to work remotely.

Perhaps the largest driving force behind the resignations is what’s beyond the office doors, Burr said.

“I think COVID realigned some stuff for people and [they] said, ‘work isn’t the priority, my family [is] and my work-life balance is much more important to me.'”