BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – The annual art show took place on May 16th at the Bath Central School District.

The district art show included artwork from preschoolers, seniors in high school, and everyone in-between. There was a faculty display as well.

The theme for this year’s art show was music. A live band that featured students of different ages was in attendance and played different sets throughout the day.

The graduating seniors got to set up their own personalized booths where they showcased artwork they worked on throughout the year. Some students have been creating art their entire lives, while others only recently started.

“It’s kind of something I’ve always done. My brother was very artistic growing up, he kind of taught me and then i just kept doing it,” said senior Natalie Contello. “And then I liked it and I realized I was halfway decent, so I kept going, and fell in love with it.”

“It’s my first year really doing art and it’s really showed me how hard it is,” said senior Logan Herrick. “A lot of it is how I feel and my emotions. It really helps get it out. It’s a lot more personal for me.”

Students got the inspiration from their artwork from just about everywhere including right in their senior art classes.

“Sometimes I lookup artists then use them as kind of like references to do some of my work,” said senior Makayla Skelly. “Sometimes it’s just whatever comes to me or what I’m feeling in the moment.”

Students owed a lot of their success to the high school art teacher, Courtney Yacuzzo.

“It’s always amazing to see the growth from September to now and all the hard work that students put out,” said Yacuzzo. “I’m very proud of them.”