ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- We soon recognize the 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Agnes hitting the Twin Tiers. On this day, June 15th, 50 years ago, the storm was categorized as a Tropical Depression.

Here is a brief summary of the storm’s formation as it progressed:

June 14th: On this day, a tropical disturbance formed over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

June 15th: Classified as a Tropical Depression, the storm begins to move slightly east.

June 16th: The storm was now classified a Tropical Storm and we given a name- Agnes. This was the first storm to be named in the 1972 hurricane season.

June 17th: Still at Tropical Storm level, but nearing Hurricane status on this day. The pressure was recorded at 986mb with wind gusts almost to 95mph.

June 18th: Agnes reached Hurricane Status and continued to near the Florida panhandle.

June 19th: Hurricane Agnes made landfall in Florida.

June 20th: Agnes was downgraded to a Tropical Depression after going over land. The depression traveled northeast over South Carolina and Georgia.

June 21st: Agnes now upgraded again to Tropical Storm status as it gained strength over the warm Ocean waters. Agnes is now nearing the Northeast region.

June 22nd: Just below the criteria of a Category 1 Hurricane, Agnes continues to near the east coast as a Tropical Storm.

June 23rd: Tropical Storm Agnes merged with a low pressure system over Pennsylvania. This led to widespread rainfall and flooding.