TROY, Pa. (WETM) – An Athens High School teacher has been cleared of all charges after he was accused of reckless endangerment when children allegedly played with and fired guns near each other at his house earlier this year.

Jacob Lezak, 42, from Smithfield Township appeared in court in Troy on June 1 for a preliminary hearing. The judge told 18 News that the four charges of Recklessly Endangering Another Person against Lezak were all dropped.

Lezak, who teaches Physical Education at Athens Area High School, was originally accused on April 4 after Pennsylvania State Police received a report that four children were at Lezak’s house in late February, playing with guns and firing them near each other. According to the criminal complaint filed, one kid allegedly fired a rifle out a window in the direction of others, and later they shot the rifle again and a .22 pistol. One child also allegedly pointed the loaded pistol at another, the complaint said.

Lezak was later interviewed by State Police and told them that during the day of the shootings, “he was down at the orchard pruning apple trees,” leaving the children unsupervised, according to the affidavit. He reportedly admitted that the .22 pistol was left unsecured in the mudroom of the house after being used for target practice. He also said there were at least two pellet guns in his home.

The Athens Area School District told 18 News that it was unable to comment on personnel issues. 18 News also contacted the school district’s solicitor for comment and is waiting to hear back.