WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI/WETM) — Prices at the pump are continuing to surge across the country, state, and the Twin Tiers.

According to a weekly report from AAA Western and Central New York, the national gas price exceeded $4 per gallon by the second week of March. This was a 46 cent increase compared to a week prior on the final day of February.

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This spike was also reflected across New York State. As of March 7, New York’s average was $4.26, also a 46 cent rise in one week.

AAA confirmed that Elmira saw an increase as prices rose 42 cents after exceeding $4 on March 3. On Monday, prices averaged $4.18 per gallon.

Additional local averages are listed below:

  • Batavia: $4.23, up 48 cents from last week
  • Binghamton: $4.26 up 44 cents from last week
  • Buffalo: $4.21, up 46 cents from last week
  • Elmira: $4.18 up 42 cents from last week
  • Ithaca: $4.22, up 41 cents from last week
  • Rochester: $4.24, up 45 cents from last week
  • Rome: $4.22, up 44 cents from last week
  • Syracuse: $4.24, up 49 cents from last week
  • Watertown: $ $4.25, up 46 cents from last week
  • Williamsport, PA: $4.21 up 44 cents from last week

Based on information from oilprice.com, gas prices are continuing to rise as the United has confirmed that it is in talks with European allies to potentially sanction Russian crude oil in response to ongoing aggression in Ukraine, which sent oil prices over $130.

As these prices continue to skyrocket, AAA encouraged motorists to conserve fuel by mapping routes, avoiding peak traffic times and combining errands into one trip.