Being a foster parent during a pandemic

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(WETM) — Parenting has taken on a new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents have been everything from cooks to teachers as kids were confined to their homes. However, being a foster parent has added another level of stress to the equation.

Glove House, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that provides services ranging from abuse prevention, crisis stabilization, advocacy, and the creation of positive learning environments.

They also deal with foster care.

Jodi Walker, Finger Lakes Regional Office Director at Glove House, has experienced firsthand what this past year has been like for foster parents and foster care facilities.

“For our current foster parents, it has been hard,” said Walker. “Some of them have had kids in their home this whole time and some have taken in new placements. Some have been able to adopt kiddos and some haven’t had placements come in. So, we have had a little bit of everything.”

One big concern for foster parents has been schooling.

“They are probably changing schools when they change families, so I think that is hard for them too,” said Walker. “I think there is a lot that’s all balled up into foster care.”

The biggest struggle for foster care facilities? Getting foster parents.

“I know we have had struggles in recruitment right now,” said Walker. “The last year has been really hard since you can’t go out and you can’t hold open sessions. You can’t meet with people to see the organization and learn more because of COVID. So, I think recruitment has been one of our biggest struggles and trying to get more people to become foster parents.”

Walker said Glove House has locations across the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier if you are interested in becoming a foster parent.

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